Board of Directors

RVSA is managed by a five-member board of directors, including a president, vice president, treasurer and secretary who are elected by the membership to staggered two-year terms.  The elected members appoint a member-at-large to a one-year term.  The board handles the finances and general affairs of the Association and meets on the second Tuesday of each month at noon at Wild River Brewing in Medford.  All RVSA members are welcome to attend all RVSA meetings.  In addition, the board appoints a day league coordinator, who is, among other things, in charge of setting up the fields and getting them ready for game play every Wednesday morning.

The current board of directors is:

Dave Kanner, president.  Dave has been playing baseball or softball since he was old enough to walk and remains a fanatic softball player.  Since retiring from a career as a city manager and county administrator, Dave plays upwards of 130 games of softball each year with RVSA and with his Bend-based travel team, Cascade Thunder.  He also enjoys golf and pickleball, but softball is his passion.  (Positions:  P, OF, some 2B.)

Dave DeNoma, vice president.   Dave started playing fast pitch softball in 1969 while in the Army and began playing slow pitch in 1974. He played in three leagues for a few years but stopped around age 38 when it was not fun anymore. He did not play ball again until he was 50. I have been playing senior ball since then, including nine years with RVSA.  (Preferred positions: 1B, OF)

Phyllis Eldridge, treasurer.  Phyllis has been a member of RVSA since 2015 after not having played softball for some 30+ years.  Being an exercise and outdoor activity fanatic, the best thing about RVSA softball for her is the exercise, camaraderie and friendships made with other players, also always trying to improve her game. (Preferred positions: Catcher, 2nd base)

Connie Fullmer, secretary.  Connie has been playing softball for over 40 years.  She really started to play after joining the military and representing the different bases at which she was stationed.  Connie retired 6 years ago from Toshiba as a Hardware Service Manager for the West Coast.  Since moving to Medford she is enjoying a lot of outdoor activities, from pickleball to fishing to camping.  But her favorite is softball!  (Preferred positions: Catcher, Rover, RF)

Jay Jones, member at large.  Jay is a 75-year-old retired biologist.  He has played softball of some sort for 40 years and baseball before that.  He has played in both RVSA in Medford and the Northwest Travel League for many years for Babe's Pizza & Pasta.  His pastimes include raising reptiles and gardening and he squeezes in softball whenever he can.  He urges you to come out and enjoy some exercise, fun and camaraderie with the rest of our league.  (Preferred positions:  He’ll play anywhere!)

Day league coordinator:  David Whyte

You can contact the Board at

Our snail mail address is:

P.O. Box 191
Medford, OR. 97501

Click here for the RVSA Bylaws.

RVSA plays by Senior Softball USA rules, but has also adopted a set of rules that are specific to our league.  Click here to read the RVSA Playing Rules.